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Discussion in 'Warframe' started by The_Gamer95, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. The_Gamer95

    The_Gamer95 Member

    Hey just asking if I could get an invitation to join the clan.
    IGN: Gamer9559

    Also side note wouldn't be easier to make a thread for people to send their in game name.
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  2. AssistingKnight

    AssistingKnight Member Staff Member

    I've sent an invite to the clan for you. Have fun Tenno!
  3. CombatMedic02

    CombatMedic02 Outbreak Gaming Founder Staff Member Administrator

    Could do I guess? It's nice to be able to welcome new members in their own thread though. :)

    Welcome to our clan, I'm sure I'll be back to playing Warframe soon just to catch up with the latest updates. :p
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